Distant Dawn


Dannie Dracip's Blood Bath

August 1st, 2016

A large gathering was held in Lumberjacks. Attending were members of the Jacks, the Night Walkers, as well as Antipatros and a visiting pack priest named Pim. Jack Johnson had set up a blood feast for those in attendance, with three victims hung up from the ceiling and one tied to a chair.

Johnson had brought Pim to the meeting to get her to lead the night’s main event: the Blood Bath. The Blood Bath is a ceremony that newly appointed bishops go through, similar to a baptism. While Jack Willet was otherwise disposed, the domain went ahead and committed the ritual with only Dannie Dracip. After a quick service lead by Pim, a communal Vaulderie was practiced, which everyone partook in (including Antipatros, who does not belong in a pack). The Blood Bath was concluded, Johnson lead the domain to a large bonfire where he hosted a Fire Dance.

Shortly after the Fire Dance and most of the Cainites in attendance started to get their drink on, Richard Weir and Rose took off into the night to do some investigating. Richard, earlier that evening, had gotten word of a large gathering of right-wing militiamen in a compound near the salt marshes of Scarborough. After wading through the water and narrowly avoiding detection, the two realized that it was probably just for some party, similar to what the vampires were doing.

After returning to the party, Dannie took offence that Richard had went and done his own thing without discussing it with her first. Richard, while technically a member of the Night Walkers, was under the impression he was only an associate member and not a full member. The two got into a very loud, very public argument. The Jacks and Antipatros just looked at each other and shrugged.

With the night seeming to quiet down, everyone returned to Lumberjacks to clean up the blood feast that had happened, when suddenly Johnson heard what appeared to be the click of a gun cocking. With his muscle memory taking command, Jack stabbed behind himself, revealing a man dressed in a gray metal mask, light gray clothing, and a white cloak. He then went invisible, reappeared in front of Johnson, but disappear after being stabbed again. The man began to shoot his gun, though he seemed panicked and missed all of his shots. Marshal ran towards the door to secure it, only narrowly missing being hit by bullets. Those of the domain who turned on Auspex saw that the man had gotten behind the counter by this point, and had grabbed at least one bottle from the shelf before Johnson stabbed him in the neck while yelling “you’re not allowed behind the bar!” A quick shot by Dannie made the man dissipate into the air. The fight was over.

Johnson ran upstairs to meet with Antipatros in his personal haven. After a brief discussion with him, Antipatros had determined that the attacker was a spirit of some make who was commanded to attack the domain. The phrase “unwilling joy” was used, to the confusing of everyone, including Antipatros, who was the one who said it. Pim was able to speak to some birds to see if they knew of any Cainite in the area that might be the cause of it, and the bird said that they saw someone “like [Pim], but not just dead. They look like death”, causing many in the domain to suspect a Nosferatu behind the attack.



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