Distant Dawn


The July 4th Compromise

July 4th, 2016

A small gathering was held at Lumberjacks, on Factory Island in Saco. Present were two of the Jacks (Willet and Johnson), and members of the Night Walkers: Dannie and Val Dracip. Antipatros was also present, though he did not preside over the meeting (at least for long).

Antipatros requested that the two packs create a treaty, dividing up the domain between themselves. His only requests (or rather, demand) was that everyone needed to get permission to go into a graveyards, that the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Cemetery was off limits completely, and that the general traditions of liberty and loyalty were followed. Both packs agreed to these limits, and got to work.

The Jacks took Biddeford as their home territory, while the Night Walkers took Saco. Old Orchard Beach was declared a neutral territory, with preferential feeding rights within the pier area being given to the Night Walkers and the option to renegotiate at a later date. Factory Island was also declared neutral territory, but with absolute feeding rights given to the Jacks.


Other issues were discussed, but not in great detail. The gathering petered out, and both groups agreed to the terms.



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