Distant Dawn


Assault on Kovács Manor

May 15th, 2016

Antipatros ordered the two Jacks (Willet and Johnson) to carry out the Wild Hunt called on former Templar Léo Kovács, who was hiding out in his haven located in Scarborough. The Lazarine lent Johnson his personal longsword for the mission. Without question, they head out into the night.

The Jacks arrived at Kovács Manor by taxi. After scoping out the place through liberal use of Eyes of Chaos, Johnson scaled the walls outside of the east side of the building and accidentally broke a window right next to a guard on the second floor. Now alerted to their presence, the Jacks break in through a back hallway window on the ground floor and get in position for the ensuing fight: Willet hides in a spice closet while Johnson goes into another room.

A guard opens the door to the spice closet, and Willet strikes him in surprise. Johnson, who happened to be around, stabs the guard in the neck. A second guard comes down from the stairs and opens fire on Johnson with a shotgun. The first guard collapses from a savage mauling by Willet, freeing Johnson up to throat slash the gunner. Within a few seconds, both guards are down. On further inspection, the two guards looked exactly alike, and some of the wounds that happened to one of them were present on the other one.

Immediately, the Jacks run up stairs and do a sweep. They find several bedrooms: a teenage girl’s room, a bare room with only three identical beds, and the main bedroom. It was around this time that a strange Cainite by the name of Barthon Alabast stormed out of a room in a huff from the second floor and went into the library on the first floor. Apparently, Barthon and someone else had gotten into an argument over… something. It was a little vague.

The Jacks go into the back room, only to discover Léo Kovács, shirtless, straddling a young, nude woman on top of a ceremonial slab. The room they were in was decked out in long, ceremonial candles and what appeared to be large, golden-leaf on forest green tapestries depicting several ancient events and happenings. Off in the corner, appears the final guard. Like his brethren, he looks exactly like them, though he is severely injured.

Immediately, Johnson runs into the room and tips over a candle in an attempt to catch a tapestry on fire. The candles goes out before reaching its target, but this does startle Léo into action. He gets up behind the slab and super-heats the air around Johnson using some form of blood-magic, causing some small burns. Willet enters the room soon after, and runs towards the final guard in the corner. The girl, Faith, leaps off the table and immediately transforms into warform, revealing herself as a werewolf. Johnson takes out Antipatros’ sword and stabs Kovács in the neck, instantly killing him (“It’s like a long knife!”). After killing the guard with a swift blow to the sternum, Faith and Willet join battle, both dealing a massive amount of damage to each other. Willet is knocked unconscious by Faith, who proceeds to get lanced in the side by the sword. Faith attempts to flee, but Johnson easily trounces her.

On the way out, Johnson quickly taunted Barthon (“I’m Caine, motherfucker!”) and left. Johnson carried Willet out of the manor, but not before throwing a Molotov cocktail at the place. It’s unknown if Barthon Alabast got out of the building before it burnt to the ground.



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