Local Leader and Necromancer


Clan: “Lazarine”
Sect: Sabbat
Title: None
Sire: Judicia
Path: Path of Death and the Soul 000


Antipatros has been a fixture of the Saco-Biddeford area for the past twenty-odd years. While he mostly keeps out of the lime-light, many younger Sabbat see him as a figure of authority and wisdom. He has a down-to-earth nature and is rather humble. He spends most of his time in his personal haven, a single-room apartment over Lumberjack’s, where he studies eschatology of various world religions, thanatology, and the afterlife.

Physical Description:
Antipatros has the continence of a corpse, though he has flayed the skin from his face to reveal the bone and dried sinew underneath. He, generally speaking, wears a thick, black cloak with the hood up, covering black robes. While in public, he tends to appear as a tan-skinned 20-something with black, curly hair, a prominent nose, and wears jeans and t-shirts. While under this guise, he goes by the name “Sam”.

Those around Antipatros would say that there is a certain stillness about him. It’s not entirely uncomfortable, similar to an old library filled with ancient books.


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