Barthon Alabast

Creepy Secret Keeper


Clan: Kiasyd
Sect: Sabbat (independent leanings)
Title: None
Sire: n/a
Path: Path of Honorable Accord 0000


Sabbat in name only, Barthon is a strange and sheltered Cainite who really has no allies or close friends to speak of. He spends most of his days locked in his library, reading knightly romances and tales from the Dark Ages.

Physical Description:
Incredibly lanky and awkward, this wierdling tends to dress in stiff, tight clothing. Despite a minor stutter, Barthon always speaks impeccably formal as though he had been practicing it for months. His skin is literally white; the color of new paper. Barthon’s eyes are entirely black. An unnatural chill seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Supernatural Description:
Much like Léo before his betrayal, Alabast has an unnatural air of honor and aristocracy around him, befitting someone who keeps their nose in books about chivalry and duty.

Barthon Alabast

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