Jack Willet

Owner of Lumberjacks Tavern, Ductus of the Jacks, Bishop of Biddeford


Clan: Gangrel antitribu (City Gangrel)
Sect: Sabbat
Title: Ductus
Sire: n/a
Path: Path of the Feral Heart 000


Jack Willet is the owner of a local microbrewery, which he uses to test various concoctions on unsuspecting patrons. With that stated, his brewery and bar are fairly popular with the local beer snobs, and is routinely praised as being “innovative” and “fresh”. He is the Ductus of the Jacks and Bishop of Biddeford.

Physical Description:
Jack looks like your average hipster: lumberjack beard, thick-framed glasses, and Hitler Youth haircut. He tends to dress in plaid shirts and jeans.

Those around Jack would say that he feels like an alpha predator, always eyeing his prey and completely dominating others who he sees as weak.

Jack Willet

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