Jack Johnson

Junky junky, Pack Priest of the Jacks


Clan: Malkavian antitribu
Sect: Sabbat
Title: Pack Priest
Sire: n/a
Path: Path of Caine 00


Jack Johnson is a Cainite from the Biddeford area (presumably). He spends much of his free time going around town, acting like a transient. He has also been known to destroy books written in Pig Latin. Whether or not this is his derangement is up for speculation, but suffice to say that there is something wrong about Jack. He is the Pack Priest of the Jacks.

Physical Description:
Jack has short, blond hair cut in a Ivy league style, if a little messy. He always wears a leather jacket (with reinforced lining), no matter the weather or social occasion. Jack is also rarely seen without his heavily-ornamented switchblade.

Jack radiates a strong sense of faith; an absolute feeling of divine righteousness.

Jack Johnson

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