Léo Kovács

Former Templar, Former Bishop


Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Independent (formerly Sabbat)
Title: None (formerly Templar)
Sire: n/a
Path: Humanity 0 (formerly Path of Honorable Accord 00)


Originally the Templar of Antipatros, Léo has since run away from all his responsibilities to the Cause and renounced his titles and sect. A Wild Hunt was called on him shortly afterwards. As bishop, Léo was responsible for the religious wellbeing of the domain. After he was stripped of his status, his titles were given to other, more loyal Cainites.

During the raid of Kovács Manor, Jack Johnson stabbed Léo to death using Antipatro’s own longsword.

Physical Description:
Léo Kovács had salt-and-pepper, longish hair and a handlebar mustache. He was not often seen without his specially tailored navy blue great coat. Some say it was part of his military uniform from his mortal life as a cavalryman in the Hungarian army, but he never commented much about that time of his life.

Before his flight, the Templar had an unnatural air of honor and aristocracy around him. Mortals would cower in his presence, and Cainites would feel unworthy of his attention. During the raid on his manor, however, he felt rather vulnerable and downright human.

Léo Kovács

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