Distant Dawn

Distant Dawn I
PortCon LARP 2016

From PortConMaine Social:

Good Evening PortCon!

Vampire the Masquerade LARP II went extremely well, all thanks to the wonderful men and women of the Domain of Portland. They defended the Eastland Hotel against a Sabbat invasion against all odds and put a stop to a sinister magical bauble.

Some highlights from the evening that I saw included: two Kindred sneaking onto an abandoned lupine caern and musing as to whether or not covering themselves in werewolf hair would mask their scent, the Harpy attacking a table (and losing), the Sabbat infiltrator revealing himself as such to protect the Eastland from a bomb planted by the Sabbat (which turned out to just be a box filled with pocked-sized Bibles), the number of times the Prince almost frenzied (about three to four), and the final epic battle between the Sabbat, the Camarilla, and the lone Brujah named Kevin.

Thank you to everyone who played. If you decide to play again next year, you can contact me over Facebook or email (cyril.lunt@maine.edu) if you want to have a character specifically designed for you. I know several players asked for that, so I'm extending the offer to everyone.

Have a great rest of the convention!


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