Tremere Bro


The Tremere that attacked Lumberjacks on the night of August 29th, 2016 and was subsequently put down by the majority of the Cainites present.

He was first spotted in the Portland club “Asylum”, after Dannie and Val went searching for Joshua Dracip’s packmates Stacia Morris and Lilith Peterson. He asked Val why she was there, and attempted to dominate her into admitting she was Sabbat. Val got away from him.

Shortly there-afterwards, he trailed the two with a friend of his named Bruce. Holding Val in place with Thaumaturgy, he attempted to bring her back to his “chantry”, whatever that means. However, a timely rescue from Lilith saved the two Nightwalkers from the Tremere. He was left disfigured by the Tzimisce, and began to wear a Kindred-warded mask to cover up his scars.

The Tremere lead a one-man retalitory attack on Lumberjacks. He scorched the bar and shot a chair with a fire bolt. He evaded most attacks dealt towards him, and was able to leave burn marks on both Dannie and Rose (which were similar to the marks left by Lilith’s Vicissitude). He was eventually killed by Jack Johnson and Jack Willet.

Tremere Bro

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